Arizona Wedding Photographer | Joseph & Julia

I first met Julia in 7th grade, we were both new to public school, and needed a lunch buddy.  What I quickly learned about my new friend was that she jumped at the chance to stand up for me when a specific cranky teacher would lash out... she always found happiness in putting others first... and she was always up for laughing and having a good time.  Julia has been the most thoughtful and caring friend to me over the past 11 years and has proven to be the glue that keeps our group of friends together.  

I could tell after meeting Joseph one time that they were perfect for each other.  He has the much needed strong personality that any man would need to keep up with the King girls, but he also allows Julia to fully be the strong woman she has always been.  Before they were even married they proved to be an amazing example of what a team should look like.  

Of course Julia and Joseph, being the giving people they are, didn't ask for wedding presents... but instead asked for toy donations for the Dream Center at St. Vincent de Paul.  I wasn't too shocked by this decision, because Julia also had us donate turkeys to charity for her birthday presents growing up.  Like I said, Julia loves to put others first.

Now these two amazing individuals have tied the knot and have become even more incredible together as one.  As their first adventure of I'm sure many that will follow, they are moving to ALASKA.  Yes you read that right, Alaska, where Julia will be giving dog sled rides and Joseph will be a tour guide.  While we will all miss them terribly, I know I will continue to be inspired by how they live their life.  I am so proud and excited to see what you have ahead.  I love you Juls.



Arizona Wedding Photographer | Andrew & Jacqueline

Andrew and Jacqueline are some of the sweetest and most genuine couples I've had the joy of working with!  I think that's what makes them so extremely photogenic :)  I loved how during the reception the majority of their guests were out on the dance floor letting loose and celebrating this amazing couple.  Congratulations!


Arizona Wedding Photographer|Drew&Tomi

She had made a list of what she wanted her husband to be like... and she prayed over that list over and over.  Soon after Tomi met Drew, she realized he fulfilled every single item on that list.  Their love and commitment to each other is unbelievably beautiful.  The joy felt on their wedding day was such a gift to experience.  This wedding was the first time I was a bridesmaid AND the photographer!  I have to say a huge thank you to my dear friend Nicci Kirlew for coming to take bridal party pictures so I could be in a few.  I can't say how happy I am that Drew and Tomi were brought together, they truly are the perfect pair.