if you’re not ready to be best friends, this should help

My heart will always be where the people are. My whole life I’ve been passionate about bringing joy into the lives of others and making them feel seen. It’s only natural that my career is centered around just that! I want to come alongside you with my expertise to make this time of your life even more magical than it already is.

What makes my heart happy?

  • I grew up in a house full of boys so whatever kind of competition comes up, I’m in!

  • My drink of choice will either be whiskey on the rocks or a cold local beer.

  • My dad is the sole contributor to my fuzzy sock collection. It doesn’t matter how old I am, every Christmas I get more!

  • Take me to a dive bar with good jazz and you’ll never get me to leave.

  • All the poetry of self growth, love gained and lost, and overcoming.